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Grade R preschool is for children of 5 to 6 years of age.
The programs for Grade R students are made to match their abilities and needs.
It is an important part of their academic and overall development, as it gives them the basic building blocks to develop skills and talent in the years to follow.
As part of the grade R curriculum, children are taught specific skills which help them to read, write and count.
The basic foundation for language skills is laid down, as are general concepts in sounds, numbers, and language in interactive classrooms.
This is also the time when children’s confidence and leadership skills are built through various activities.
The key is to understand that each child has varying grasping and understanding skills, which means these programs are to be matched to their capabilities so that their weakness and strengths can be addressed during the course of the year.

Level 1

Visual Discrimination
Colour Identification
Spatial Orientation
Visual Association
Number Sequences
Analysis and Synthesis
Visual Sequences

Level 2

Visual Memory
Laterality and Dominance
Left and Right
Re Arrange numbers in ascending order
Re Arrange numbers in de-ascending order
Problem Solving
Decision Making

Level 3

Advanced Visual Memory
Learn to count
Number Identification
Learn to write
Learn the Alphabet
Laterality and Dominance
Listen Activities

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