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Master Read

Students in the foundation phase have little or no familiarity with the English alphabet.
They may not have any experience in spoken English, and may have been taught in their own language earlier.
This makes moving from the home language to English difficult for them.
Students may have to be helped by teachers who are well-versed in the home language and English at this point,
so they are able to bridge the language barrier and clearly explain it.
For students to become reading-ready, they should be able to first identify letters and words with visuals and sounds.
Getting a good grasp of the associated phonetics may be a challenge for students who are not used to speaking or listening to conversations in English outside the classroom.
They may not be able to differentiate between the different auditory sounds that make up the word to be able to read in English fluently.

vowels beginning sounds
vowels middle sounds
vowels end sounds
picture identification

Learn to write
Learn your keyboard
Rhyming pictures
Body words
Rhyming pairs
Creepy crawly words
Listening exercises
Simple sentences

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