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Accounting 11-12

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Accounting requires students to spend a lot of time and effort outside the classroom to get a good grasp of the various concepts.
It requires students to set aside dedicated time where they can polish their accounting skills through repeated practice.
Mathematical skills and calculations are an extremely important to do well in the subject.
Usually, students fall back in accounting when they rote learn the subject. What happens after is that they are not able to understand the why and how of accounting standards and rules, and are merely able to remember the related details.

Accounting textbooks are filled with various facts, and often, students may find it difficult to grasp it all in one go.
Students should read each chapter many times, to understand the goal of the chapter and then do a more comprehensive reading (making side notes), and then refer back to it while solving problems.

  • Bank reconciliations 94% 94%
  • Companies year-end financial accounts 96% 96%
  • Companies- Cash flow statements 89% 89%
  • Value Added Tax 100% 100%

Accounting Gr- 11-12:

  1. Bank reconciliations.
  2. Creditor’s reconciliations.
  3. Debtors reconciliations.
  4. Debtors Age analysis.
  5. Ethics, Internal control and internal audit (Debtors and Creditors).
  6. Company concepts and issue of shares.
  7. Companies- concepts, ledger accounts and accounting equations.
  8. Companies year-end adjustments and accounting equations.
  9. Companies year-end financial accounts.
  10. Companies year-end financial statements.
  11. Analysis and interpretation.
  12. Companies- Cash flow statements.
  13. Companies – GAAP principles.
  14. Ethics, internal control, audit reports (Companies)
  15. Budgets (sole trader)
  16. Projected income Statement
  17. Ethics- Internal control and internal audit (Budgets)
  18. Value Added Tax
  19. Ethics- Internal control and internal audit-(VAT)
  20. Inventory valuation methods.
  21. Ethics- Internal control and internal audit- (Inventory)
  22. Manufacturing- Ledger accounts
  23. Production Cost Statement
  24. Production Calculations
  25. Ethics, Internal control and internal Audit (Manufacturing)
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