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About Us


Mathemagics is involved in innovative systems development. Mathemagics has been operating for 14 years.

All Mathemagics content developed and animated in South Africa.

Mathemagics existing Educational range of programs are Windows 95 onwards and Vista compatible and comprise the following:

Grade R (perceptual activities) – Afrikaans and English

Foundation Phase Maths, (Grade 1 – 3) – Afrikaans and English

Intermediate Phase Maths, (Grade 4- 7) – Afrikaans and English

Secondary Phase Maths, (Grade 8 – 9) – Afrikaans and English

Senior Secondary Phase Maths, (Grade 10-12) – English

Master Read, (Grade 1-7) Learn to Read – English

English Reading/Grammar/Spelling (progressive levels of difficulty (from grade 1-12)

Afrikaans Reading/Grammar/Spelling (progressive levels of difficulty from grade 1-12)

Drugs/sex/HIV (Life Orientation) – Afrikaans and English

Accounting (Grade 11-12) – English

Science -Physics and Chemistry – (Grade 11-12) – English

Study Methods (Grade 07-12) – English


Assessment standard diagnostics (for teacher/parent programs evaluation)

Mathemagics has specifically chosen the above range of subjects, so as to initially concentrate on those critical subjects that require thorough insight and understanding by a learner in the early Formation years, in order to lay the foundation and building blocks, on which the balance of his/her education is dependent.

*All Mathemagics content developed and animated in South Africa. Mathemagics South Africa are not linked in any manner to any other Software Development Institution. Mathemagics is a proudly South Africa company and it not affiliate whatsoever with any other company or brand using the name Mathemagics.

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