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Mathemagics has been in the market for more than 14 years.

Our Educational software is for students from pre-school to Gr-12.

The software is utilized in more than 4000 schools nationally.

The software is approved by the Department of education and is

100% according to the curriculum



Developed in South Africa to assist children from Gr 0-12.

Help functions with Step by step explanations

In compliance with the National Curriculum


Continuous evaluation of your child’s progress

Increased performance in a short period of time

No parental supervision necessary



Learners learn at their own pace

Remedial help when needed

Interaction with the children


Daily technical support

Continual Upgrades

Guaranteed Success


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011 396 3799

Fax: 011 396 3799 

Monday to Thursday between 10:00 & 16:00


What Our Customers are Saying

We purchased your educational software package and the kids just love it. It is easy to use and I can track their progress to see what exactly they are struggling with as well as what they are good at.
Lerato Tsebe

My child is a sharp little boy with ADHD. He couldn’t concentrate or focus on any tasks given to him by myself or the teacher. I decided to look for help and found you guys. Since my child’s been using your software i can definitely see improvement in his concentration ability and his marks at school, thanks a million.
T. Anderson

I herewith wish to thank you for your programme. My daughter first used the programme in grade 4 on the 4th term. In the first term of her grade 5 results her marks improved from 52% to 81%. Her marks have since remained within the 70% to 80% range.
Keleabetsoe Kilowan

My girl of 7 years couldn’t read at all.  Since we got here the software, and especially the “Master read” Module, She can now read and write all by herself. Thank you.
Layla Naido

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